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It’s Flu Season – Protect Yourself  By Taking the Flu Shot

It’s Flu Season – Protect Yourself By Taking the Flu Shot

It’s Flu Season – Protect Yourself  By Taking the Flu Shot

When is Flu Season in Canada?

The flu season usually starts during the fall and winter months, there are usually different strains
of the flu and it can have an effect on specific groups of people. The people who are likely to get

severe complications from the flu are,
● Children younger than 2 years
● Adults older than 65 years
● Pregnant women
● People with certain medical conditions
➔ Asthma
➔ Heart, kidney, or liver disease
➔ Obesity
➔ Weakened immune system

Treatment for the Flu:

The flu season is usually a time you need to look out for since there are steps and precautions one should take beforehand. The symptoms of the flu would only start showing at least one to four days after you have been exposed too.

What you can do to protect yourself and avoid exposure to others is to stay home from work or school if you are feeling sick, drink plenty of liquids and the necessary medications as well, avoid contact with people in crowded places and always cover your mouth and nose if you cough or sneeze. Most of the time, people recover on their own from the flu but some people take awhile to recover if they have certain allergies or health conditions.

How Long Does a Flu Shot Last?

It is recommended by many medical professionals to get flu shots to help keep yourself safe
during the flu season. The flu shot would greatly reduce the risk of severe complications and
prevent from having the symptoms escalate further.

The flu shot has been approved for every individual who is six months and older and especially
people who are at risk of getting higher complications. Getting the flu shot would help protect
from getting any severe symptoms during the flu season.

The flu shot would last for a duration of around six to eight months, which starts two weeks after
you have received your flu shot. You would need to get another flu shot for the next flu season
once the current flu season has ended.

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