Montgomery Pharmacy Services

Montgomery Pharmacy provides a considerable range of services such as compliance packaging, vaccinations,  cessation programs and much more.

Explore a range of services provided by certified pharmacists at Montgomery pharmacy.



Flu Shots & Travel Vaccines
Get your vaccinations and live a healthy life. Take precautions against preventable illnesses.
You can schedule an online appointment, make a phone call, send an email or text, or just walk in to obtain a flu injection or vaccine.
Renew Or Transfer Prescription
Do you wish to transfer your prescription from another pharmacy because you recently moved and need refills for your usual medications? Talk to our pharmacist right away, and we can assist you with renewing and transferring your medications.
Compliance Packaging
Compliance packaging helps remove any confusion that may arise while taking many prescriptions at once. Medication will be delivered in clearly structured and labelled packs, with photographs of what each pill looks like and the time it is to be taken.
Confidential Medication Review
To help you understand each of your prescriptions, we provide confidential medication reviews.
You can schedule a consultation with one of our highly qualified healthcare professionals to go through your medication.
Prescription Refills
Make sure you don't run out. It can be dangerous to miss even one dose for some medications.
Montgomery Pharmacy offers the convenience of ordering prescription refills online, via phone, text, fax, or in person.
Prescribing Pharmacists
For a variety of clinical conditions, our pharmacists are prepared to write prescriptions. If you need a prescription in an emergency situation, get in touch with us.
Pharmacist prescribing improves patient care by improving access to care and using pharmacists to their full scope of practice.
Smoking Cessation
Talk to us today to help you quit smoking and lead a long and healthy life.
Our pharmacists can make a big difference in your ability to stop smoking. When compared to smokers who see pharmacists less frequently, those who receive more thorough follow-ups demonstrated higher success rates.
Other Services
We offer a range of other services such as diabetic supplies, support & braces, medication organizers, and much more. Contact us via phone call, email or text to find out more information.