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<strong>Refill Your Prescriptions With Us!</strong>

Refill Your Prescriptions With Us!

What is a Prescription Refill?

There is a difference between getting your prescription refilled and renewing your prescriptions. Understanding this will help save you a lot of time the next time you need to refill or renew your prescriptions.

When your doctor is writing the prescription for you, then they will decide to include the number of refills and how many you can obtain as well. You can get more medication when your current supply is low or about to run out without visiting your doctor by submitting a prescription for a refill.

Why Do Prescriptions Have to Be Refilled?

A prescription can only be refilled if your doctor has included the number of refills on the bottle. You can see the number of refills you can get on the bottle and each time you refill, this number will reduce so as to keep track of the prescription refills taken.

Your prescription would need to be refilled depending on the illness or condition you are in, if it is a recurring one then your doctor will prescribe the medication with a certain amount of refills on the bottle label.

How Do I Refill My Prescription?

As mentioned earlier, the number of refills is included on the label of the prescription bottle. There are several ways that you can have your prescription refilled, they are as follows:

  • You can visit Montgomery pharmacy in person if you had refilled your prescription originally from us. You can request a refill from the pharmacist and wait for it or pick it up later.
  • You can visit our website online at Montgomery Pharmacy to contact us and say the listed medicine label to get your refill, then you may pick up your prescription when it is ready.
  • You can also get your prescriptions refilled through the mail which would be convenient for people who have to take their medications on a regular basis.

You can refill your prescriptions with us! Contact us for more details or visit our website to find out more…

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