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<strong>The Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar and its Effects on Your Body</strong>

The Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar and its Effects on Your Body

It’s very important to maintain your blood sugar levels within your target range as it improves your energy and mood. It also delays or prevents long-term, serious health problems. But what happens if you don’t? You can encounter kidney disease, heart disease and vision loss. Therefore,

Don’t forget to take care of yourself! 

Before we go into detail about the symptoms of low blood sugar and its effects on your body, you need to understand what blood sugar level really means. 

So What is Blood Sugar Level? 

Blood Sugar Level (also known as Blood Glucose Level) is the amount of glucose in your blood. It is the sugar that comes from the food you eat. This glucose is formed and stored inside your body.

Causes of Low Blood Sugar 

As we all know, we need sugar in our body to provide our cells with energy. But what does it mean to have a low blood sugar level? A low blood sugar level, also called hypoglycaemia or a “hypo”, is where the level of sugar (glucose) in your blood drops too low. There are many reasons as to why this can happen. Some reasons include:

  • Excess intake of insulin 
  • The amount and time taken for physical activity
  • Puberty
  • Menstruation
  • Consuming alcohol
  • The amount of fat, fiber and protein in your meals
  • Hot and humid weather
  • Unexpected changes in your daily schedule

Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar

You need to know how to identify if your blood sugar level is low because if left untreated, it can be dangerous. The way you react to low blood sugar may not be the same as others therefore it’s important to know your signs! Some common symptoms include:

  • Anxiety or nervousness
  • Confusion or irritability 
  • Dizziness
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Hunger
  • Shaking
  • Sweating

Your body does experience effects that result from low blood sugar levels. Some of these effects include clammy skin, food aversion, headaches, hormonal response, hypoglycemia unawareness, hunger, jitteriness, loss of consciousness, mood changes, muddled thinking, poor balance, rapid heartbeat, seizures, sleep disturbances, tapping into glucose reserves and visual disturbances.

If you are suffering from low blood sugar levels, don’t panic! There is a solution for everything and Montgomery Pharmacy has the medicines to cure you.

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