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<strong>Treatment and Prevention of Osteoporosis</strong>

Treatment and Prevention of Osteoporosis

<strong>Treatment and Prevention of Osteoporosis</strong>

Osteoporosis is a common problem where bones become weak, making them prone to fractures. It often affects older people and women after menopause, but can happen to anyone. To deal with this issue, different ways are needed to treat it and knowing how to prevent it is key. That’s where we at Montgomery Pharmacy come in. We offer specialized services like our confidential medication review services that are done by our pharmacists to help people improve their bone health.

Osteoporosis can make bones break easily and affect our daily lives. Osteoporosis develops when the body loses essential minerals like calcium at a faster rate than it can replace them, resulting in a gradual reduction in bone density, strength, and increased chances of fractures. In most cases, people remain unaware of their osteoporosis condition until a fracture occurs. That’s why it’s important to recognize the symptoms of osteoporosis before any severe symptoms develop. 

Symptoms of Osteoporosis and How It Is Caused

Osteoporosis is often called a “silent” condition as the symptoms are not very easy to identify and consider you have osteoporosis. At Montgomery Pharmacy, our pharmacists recommend that you learn more about this condition as it can help you have a healthier life. You can get more information about osteoporosis from our pharmacists during our confidential medication review services. This service will help in you being able to identify the condition’s symptoms and what causes it as these are essential for early detection and effective management.

The main sign of osteoporosis is a higher risk of breaking bones, especially in places like the hip, spine, or wrist. These fractures can happen from everyday activities, like a simple fall or bending over. Sometimes, people with osteoporosis also notice they’ve lost some height or have a hunched back due to spine fractures. Apart from these, there aren’t usually any other clear symptoms. This makes it tricky to know if you have it without proper tests. However, if you have back pain, especially if it’s linked to bending or lifting, it will be beneficial for you to visit your doctor or one of our pharmacists at Montgomery Pharmacy. So, it’s important to be aware, especially if you have things that increase your risk.

Osteoporosis occurs when your body loses bone faster than it can make new bone, making your bones less dense and weaker. One big reason is just getting older, especially for women after menopause. It can also run in families, so if others in your family have it, you might be more likely to get it too. A lifestyle without much physical activity, a diet low in bone-boosting nutrients like calcium and vitamin D, and certain medicines can also up your risk.

Treatment And Prevention of Osteoporosis

If you have osteoporosis, the primary goal is to reduce the risk of fractures and strengthen bones. Montgomery Pharmacy’s pharmacists can provide vital information and support in managing medications that may be prescribed by your doctor. These medications can help slow down bone loss and, in some cases, even increase bone density. Regular check-ins with your pharmacist or one of our pharmacists at Montgomery Pharmacy can ensure that you are on the right track with your osteoporosis treatment plan.

Preventing osteoporosis or reducing its progression is just as important as treating the condition. Our pharmacists at Montgomery Pharmacy recommend you adopt a bone-healthy lifestyle. This includes ensuring you have an adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D, both essential for strong bones.

During your confidential medication review session, our pharmacists can provide guidance on dietary choices and supplements if needed so that you have a chance of preventing getting osteoporosis. Regular exercise, such as walking, is another way of preventing osteoporosis. Our pharmacists at Montgomery Pharmacy can help in suggesting the best exercises to do that are suitable for your specific needs. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can also weaken bones, so it’s best to prevent smoking and consume less/no alcohol.

With Montgomery Pharmacy and our pharmacists, you can have expert guidance and support to manage your medications, adopt a bone-healthy lifestyle, and ultimately lead a life with strong and resilient bones. You can now prevent getting osteoporosis again with our help!

For more information, visit our website or get in touch with us. We are ever-ready to help you live a healthier and happier life!

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